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The Future / The Innovator

The Future / The Innovator

Leveraging innovation is challenging, you will get insights from Chief Information Officers and industry leaders on how to assess the business relevance of emerging technologies, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Internet of Things. Your business processes and value creation will change fundamentally!

Also the implications of introducing services concepts such as Web Services, Agile and DevOps are often overlooked. Processes and organizations need to be adapted. Also the governance need to be revisited.

In this block the technology trends are presented by a trendwatcher. How to prepare and implement these concepts ensuring your organization is future proof? Capabilities need to be built, budgets need to be allocated and pilot projects enabling an implementation at scale have to be launched. The design and implementation of a digital transformation is not straightforward and requires significant involvement and buy-in from the business. What are the Key Success Factors? Innovation never stops. What is the next big thing and how to prepare for successful innovation?

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